Going to Paines Plough’s Roundabout this Edinburgh Festival , August 2018.

Presented at PUSH festival, Manchester HOME Theatre January 16th 2018

Co-Produced by Offstage Theatre and Most Wanted
Directed by Cressida Brown

BOOM! Neil feels a violent leap of ecstasy in his chest. The history of Manchester jumps off its axis. The history of England jumps off its axis. 2am, 8th July, 1981, 20 cities across England burn.’


The Political History of Smack and Crack is an epic love song to a lost generation; the story of two star-crossed lovers annihilated by the Northern heroin epidemic of the Thatcher years. This urgent play traces the fate of the pair from the epicentre of the riots in ’81 through to their present-day struggle surviving on the streets of Manchester.
Partly inspired by the playwright’s own experience in prison and rehab, this two hander was one of five finalists in this year's Theatre503's Play Writing Award out of over 1600 entries from 58 countries.

It's said to understand the present we must understand our past - but a political history like this can all too easily smack and crack you in the face again right here and right now.


About the Writer: Ed Edwards was brought up in Birmingham where he acquired an accent that took him years to erode. He has many TV and novel writing credits, he did three-and-a-half years in jail in the 90s where he wrote his second novel and he now lives with his partner and her children in Manchester.