Walking the Tightrope

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"An explosive surgery of freedom of expression"
"Walking The Tightrope is an incredibly important production.
As crocodiles gather below and landmines wait ahead, the tightrope between arts and politics is becoming increasingly dangerous
– it bellies the need for artists to become philosophers. Thankfully Offstage Theatre has risen to the challenge."

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"Brave storytelling", "Remarkable", "Intrepid."
"A great project and the director-curator, Cressida Brown, should be delighted with what she’s achieved."
“You become part of a much larger and greater discourse by simply being in the audience."

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"The twelve works are incredibly varied in their subject matter, interpretation and comment on the issue.
Often light hearted and illuminating, sometimes cryptic and incisive, the writers infuse their own take on the commission,
bouncing the audience through the unrelated scenes, charging the production with provocative energy."

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"Brown’s Walking the Tightrope is clearly a labour not just of love but passion,
created on a shoestring, by a stirling, hard-working and very versatile cast of seven.
Amazingly, Brown herself directed the majority of the plays supplemented by colleague Kirsty Housley.
Housed in a make-shift space on a plain wooden stage, in the old Guardian building in London’s Clerkenwell/Farringdon area,
the context only added to the strange frisson of an event of artistic worth and intense moral questioning."

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"Bravo to producer Cressida Brown, her group Offstage Theatre and collaborates Theatre Uncut for bringing Walking The Tightrope to the stage.
It truly entertains while challenging, and that is no mean feat!"

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"It felt tricky, dangerous, stimulating,  discomfiting – what serious theatre is for, in other words"

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